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Big Belated Book News!

If you haven’t already heard: I’m writing a book!

The working title is Shake It Off: A Personal Journey Through The Science of Facing Our Fears, and it will be published by Penguin Canada (in Canada) and The Experiment (stateside). It will combine a personal narrative about my attempts to face and overcome, or at least renegotiate, my biggest fears with a deep dive into the science of fear: how it works in our brains and our bodies, and what it means, in concrete terms, to “cure,” “conquer,” or otherwise defeat our fears. I’m excited about it!

This means I haven’t been publishing a ton of other stories in the last while, and won’t be for the next while either. I’m hunkered down for the winter trying to get this thing done.

The plan is to publish in early 2020. If you’d like updates on my writing process, what I’m learning, reading recommendations, and – eventually – information on how to buy the book or attend an event near you, I have a newsletter you can subscribe to. It will come out once a month, and I hope it will be a fun and/or useful read.


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