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It’s been four years today since Hurricane Katrina had her way with New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. We’ve got a raft of anniversary-related content over at World Hum, and though I didn’t write any of it myself I thought it was worth highlighting here.

First up, Yeah You Right, a wonderful essay by Adam Karlin that seems to take a number of never-quite-articulated thoughts right out of my head. (See especially the last couple paragraphs about the visitors who feel compelled to make a home for themselves in NOLA.)

There’s also Kevin Fay’s essay about a voluntourism stint in St. Bernard Parish — Do Not Demolish — and a slideshow and interview from photographer Allison Chipak.

As you might already know, I spent a good chunk of last summer in New Orleans. I’d been intending to cover the third anniversary of Katrina when Hurricane Gustav broke up the party and forced the evacuation of the city. The blog post I wrote about it is here: Remembering Katrina, Waiting for Gustav.

New Orleans: Soul is Waterproof

New Orleans: Soul is Waterproof

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