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A quick deviation

Not travel- or work-related, but I just came across this news item about a New Hampshire high school that has pulled short stories by David Sedaris, Stephen King and Ernest Hemingway from an upper-year English lit class because parents objected to the content.

Here’s the scariest sentence from the article:

Also, a committee of teachers, parents and residents will be formed in the fall to “help prevent undesirable experiences for our students,” Cutler said. [Emphasis mine.]

In related news, they’ll also be setting up a committee to figure out how to catch and burn those darn witches.


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I’m in New York on a flying visit this weekend, and yesterday I made it up to Bethel Woods, the town where the first Woodstock festival was held, for some research. It was a pretty powerful spot, somewhat to my surprise – more on that soon.

In the meantime, here I am with museum interpreter Duke Devlin:

Me and Duke Devlin at the monument

Me and Duke Devlin at the monument

This week I’ll be making my way to Whitehorse, the capital of the Yukon, where I’ll stay for about a month. Not counting a trip to Yellowknife as a toddler, it’s my first time “north of 60” – I can’t wait.

One other quick note: the latest World Hum Travel Movie Club is up. This time around, Eli and I debate the merits of the Dave Eggers-penned Away We Go.

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