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A couple of pretty important life/work changes to note:

First, after three blissful months of pricey pints, long walks and embarrassingly frequent take-out dinners (hey, in my defense: I was there in part to experience the food) my time in NYC has come to an end. I packed up my room last weekend, and arrived back in happenin’ Verona, Ontario early this week — I’ll stay here long enough to prep for some serious summer travel before taking off again in early May. I was very sad to leave, and I definitely plan on getting back to the city for another extended stay when I can.

Second, I have some exciting work news! I’ve been writing for World Hum for about a year and a half, and starting in May I’ll also be taking on some editorial responsibilities. It’s a temporary set-up — I’m helping to fill in for senior editor Valerie Conners for a few months while she works her magic at the Travel Channel — but I’m thrilled to be increasing my involvement with the site (my World Hum fangirldom goes back to my grad school days) and I think I’ll learn a lot, too.

More news coming soon on my travel plans for the next few months — so far, all I know for sure is that I have a plane ticket to Barbados with my name on it. Beyond that trip, I’m hoping to finally make it up north, to the Yukon!


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Hiya, and welcome to my hot-off-the-digital-press site.

On the About, Blogging and Stories pages, you’ll find information about me and links to my writing.

Here on the main page, I’ll post updates about my work, my whereabouts, and maybe the odd bit of travel- or writing-related stuff that’s on my mind.

Thanks for stopping by!

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