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Greetings from Barbados!

I landed on Sunday and will be kicking around the Eastern Caribbean (Barbados, Saint Lucia, and the Grenadines, specifically) for three weeks.

I’ve also had a handful of stories published recently:

Over at Matador, Choose Your Own Blues Adventure and the companion piece, Highway Blues: Essential Tunes for a Delta Roadtrip, both went live this morning.

Meanwhile, my interview with Kelly Westhoff and Jen Paulus, the co-founders of CheSpotting.com, was published at World Hum on Friday.

I’ll be updating my Stories page shortly.


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It’s Official!

I got started with my new World Hum duties on Friday — here’s the official word from editors Mike and Jim.

My summer travel plans are also starting to come together. I’m headed to Barbados this weekend and will spend the rest of May there, with side trips to Saint Lucia and (hopefully!) Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in the works, too. In mid-June I’m off to the Yukon — I haven’t got a return ticket booked yet but plan on returning in mid-July. Beyond that, I think that wedding season will dictate my movements in August, though I’m still finalizing details.

Oh, and my links list / blogroll is a definite work in progress. If I’ve missed you so far, let me know!

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