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If you’ve never talked with me about the EPL phenomenon, here’s the quick guide to where I stood before the movie came out: Liked the book; loved Elizabeth Gilbert as a writer more generally; was skeptical about the concept of a journey of self-discovery; thought Julia Roberts was the wrong casting call, but was optimistic about the flick nonetheless.

I saw the movie this weekend in San Francisco (and more on that trip soon, I hope) and co-wrote a review with my World Hum Travel Movie Club partner-in-crime, Eli Ellison. Here’s our introduction:

It’s been a long four years since Elizabeth Gilbert’s travel memoir, Eat, Pray, Love, began its extended stay on bestseller lists around the world. Now, after much anticipation, the film adaptation has arrived. But will the bestseller spawn a blockbuster? World Hum Travel Movie Clubbers Eva Holland and Eli Ellison set aside their half-eaten pasta dishes, rolled up their yoga mats and pedaled their Balinese bicycles to their neighborhood theaters to find out…

Check it out!


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