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I flew home from Yellowknife to Whitehorse on Tuesday – it feels great to be settling back in right as the Northern summer is arriving. (It’s 9:30pm now, and still broad daylight.)

I was sick for a good portion of my last three weeks in Yellowknife, so chances are pretty good that I owe you an email. Hang in there, I’m working on it.

What else? I have a profile coming out in the new Up Here Business, which should be on newsstands shortly. We published a 6000-word epic about rafting the Grand Canyon on World Hum this week. Over at Vela, Simone’s latest is a wonderful essay on unexpectedly becoming an army wife. And my friend Luke’s phenomenal story on the Joplin tornado won the National Magazine Award for Feature Writing tonight!

Speaking of National Magazine Awards — Canadian edition — the nominees were announced earlier this week, and Up Here is up for four, including Best Single Issue. It’s an exciting publication to be a part of.

Lots of summer travel plans in Alaska, the Yukon and NWT. More to come!


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This one’s been in the works for awhile. My four-part essay series on traveling Southeast Alaska by state ferry is being published on World Hum throughout this week. Part one, The Roughest Place in the World, went live today.

Check it out, and stay tuned for the rest!

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After a long delay, we’re happy to be reading submissions again. Check out our submissions guidelines here.

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An essay I wrote about a press trip to the Paris Las Vegas hotel/casino went live today on World Hum. Check it out: Stilettos in Paris.

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After what seems like a long silence on the story front, I have a few recently published items to share:

First up, I’ve got a pair of Top 10 lists on NationalGeographic.com — Top 10 Foods to Eat in Ontario and Top 10 Family Activities in Ontario.

Next, now that World Hum is back in action I’ve been busy again over there. An interview I did with author Rachel Friedman was posted today: Interview with Rachel Friedman: ‘The Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost’.

A few weeks back Matador published this story: Profiling five national parks in Alaska.

And lastly, it’s not online but if you get a chance to check out the July 2011 issue of Reader’s Digest Canada, I have a short piece in there about The Boreal Gourmet, a locavore cookbook by Whitehorse author Michele Genest.

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My Year of (Rarely) Writing

Over at Nerd’s Eye View, my friend Pam recently wrote a post about the best of her year in writing. After listing her favorite posts of 2010, month by month, she invited her loyal readers to share the keepers from their own blogs or print writing efforts — which was right about the time I realized that I didn’t actually write a whole lot this year.

Sure, I kept up my regular output of short blog posts at World Hum (true fact from the World Hum back end: I’ve logged nearly 1400 entries since I started writing for the site in September 2007) and I posted the odd update here, and I wrote a couple of service-y destination pieces for new-to-me online outlets, but relative to past years that’s a pretty paltry output. (Another true fact: I’d estimate that in 2009 my paid writing efforts cracked the 100,000-word mark.)

Even beyond the reduced volume, it’s clear that I really didn’t do much of the sort of writing I love best this year — ie first-person narrative. There are five 2010 features with my name on them in the World Hum archives: two interviews (one with Stephanie Elizondo Griest, editor of The Best Women’s Travel Writing 2010, and one with Susan Van Allen, author of 100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go), two World Hum Travel Movie Club collaborations with Eli Ellison (our conversation about Eat, Pray, Love and our round-up of the best travel-themed Elvis movies), and one list, the 2009 edition of my always arbitrary and thoroughly biased Travel Movie Awards.

All of those were a lot of fun to do, as were the collaborative group feature efforts that I helped out with — like the 100 Most Celebrated Travel Books list, or our first Travel Statshot, or our monthly Great Travel Twitter Tweets lists. I’m also really proud of the stories by other writers that I edited this year, most of which I linked to here over the course of the year.

Still, taking this inventory after reading Pam’s post has led me to a rather obvious New Year’s promise to myself: In 2011, I resolve to write more. Not only that, but to carve out some time to write the things I most want to write. And unlike an assortment of resolutions I’ve made and broken in the past (often involving reading the classics, learning new languages, or going to the gym more often) this is one that I plan on sticking to.

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News and Waves

Some fairly big news on my end: Things are shifting around a bit at World Hum, and while I’ll be staying in my role as Senior Editor there, it’s no longer a full-time position. So, with my new-found free time, I’m going to be taking on new projects and doing more freelance writing than I have been over the last year or so. Updates coming on this front in the next few weeks!

In other news, I got back yesterday from an OVB-sponsored press trip to Hawaii. It was a surfing-themed tour of Oahu, and it was a really wonderful, well-organized event, a great introduction (it being my first time there) to the islands. I took a couple of surfing lessons, I shmoozed with the pros at the annual Surfer Poll awards, and I generally got thoroughly seduced by surf culture. I’ll aim to post a few more photos soon – meantime, there’s one I shot at Pipeline down at the bottom of this post.

What else?

If you happen to be in Whitehorse, I’m doing a reading next week – I’ll be a featured writer at Brave New Words on Monday, Dec. 13th. It’s from 7-9pm at Baked.

And lastly, here are a few more of the stories I’ve worked on at World Hum in the last while:

    • My Own Mexican Revolution – My friend Sarah Menkedick’s reflection on her struggles with machismo in Mexico, a really thoughtful read.
      Bare at the Baths: I’ve followed Conor Friedersdorf’s political writing for some time, so it was fun to publish this lighter travel piece from him.
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    It’s been a busy seven weeks or so since my last update. I’m in New York this week and am, as always, thrilled to be here. There are a couple of travel-themed readings on the go in the next couple of days – I’ll post more about those soon.

    What else? I attended a major Alaskan tourism event last month and came home full of trip/story ideas, so I’ll hope to pull some of those together in the coming months.

    A few more of the stories I’ve worked on have been appearing on World Hum. Check ’em out:

    • A Cup of Coffee and a Soft Chair: After 14 months traveling overland from Beijing to Istanbul, Joel Carillet faced a gingerbread latte — and a series of unexpected fears
      Sea Change: With her marriage on the rocks, Catha Larkin headed to Baja’s Sea of Cortez seeking “a bit of the blue”
  • We also had some fun getting a Twitter game off the ground a few weeks back – here are the best of the results: 23 Great Fake Travel Quotes

    Lastly, the new edition of The Best American Travel Writing hit bookstores at the end of September. Four World Hum stories were included in the notable selections, and several World Hum writers were honored for work that appeared elsewhere, too. Always nice to see.

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    A Long-Awaited Update

    I’ve been neglecting my site updates lately, but I just went through my Stories page, checked all my links and added a few new items. Exciting news, right?

    It was a hectic – but wonderful – summer here in Whitehorse. I hosted friends and family, camped, hiked, paddled, and wrapped things up with a fantastic (sponsored) trip to interior and south central Alaska. Stay tuned for a few pics from that one.

    Nothing new from me on World Hum lately, but here are a few of the recent stories I’ve worked on:

    • Missing Paris — Nancy Kline grieves for a city that no longer belongs to her
    • Paddling the Alaskan Food Chain — James Michael Dorsey was enjoying a quiet kayaking outing on Alaska’s inside passage. Then he spotted a dorsal fin.

    Fall’s settling in here quickly. I’m looking forward to some quiet time, hopefully lots of reading and writing through the long dark winter.

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    If you’ve never talked with me about the EPL phenomenon, here’s the quick guide to where I stood before the movie came out: Liked the book; loved Elizabeth Gilbert as a writer more generally; was skeptical about the concept of a journey of self-discovery; thought Julia Roberts was the wrong casting call, but was optimistic about the flick nonetheless.

    I saw the movie this weekend in San Francisco (and more on that trip soon, I hope) and co-wrote a review with my World Hum Travel Movie Club partner-in-crime, Eli Ellison. Here’s our introduction:

    It’s been a long four years since Elizabeth Gilbert’s travel memoir, Eat, Pray, Love, began its extended stay on bestseller lists around the world. Now, after much anticipation, the film adaptation has arrived. But will the bestseller spawn a blockbuster? World Hum Travel Movie Clubbers Eva Holland and Eli Ellison set aside their half-eaten pasta dishes, rolled up their yoga mats and pedaled their Balinese bicycles to their neighborhood theaters to find out…

    Check it out!

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