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My Year in Travel: 7 Photos

2011 was a busy travel year for me – at least, for the first three seasons. I’ve been more or less grounded through the fall, but these seven photos represent my winter, spring and summer travels. Looking forward to more in 2012!

January: Road trip to Anchorage. This is the Alaska Highway near Burwash.

February: I flew into Slaven's Roadhouse, in Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve, to work on a volunteer Yukon Quest crew.



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Bridgetown is Beautiful

Sunset at the port in Bridgetown, Barbados. 'Nuff said.

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I’m flying back to Ontario tomorrow to visit friends and family, and then headed on to Barbados late next week. The Barbados visit will be bittersweet: It’s my last trip before my dad wraps up his work there and moves home to Canada, and while I’m sure I’ll get back to the island again even without a parental stronghold to stay in, it won’t be quite the same.

I’ll hope to get in a surf lesson or two while I’m there. And speaking of surfing (hey, segue!) here’s an interview I did for Matador Sports with big-name surf filmmaker Taylor Steele.

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Barbados and its Beaches

This short piece I wrote about the best beaches in Barbados was just published in the Ottawa Citizen and the Vancouver Sun. I’m off to Barbados again in April — lucky me!

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I’ve been back in Barbados, visiting my folks, for about a week and a half now. It’s been a restful time: I’ve been eating well, enjoying plenty of sunshine and fresh air, and getting caught up on sleep that I didn’t even realize I’d been missing. We spent the weekend on Bequia – one of my favourite places in the world – and have tickets for the ICC T20 cricket tournament on Friday. Life is good.

I’ve also been aiming to get caught up on email, editing, and other professional administration-type stuff – so if you’re waiting to hear from me, hang in there. And, of course, I’m way past due for an update on this site. So here goes:

The big news around World Hum this month was our inclusion as a Webby Award Honoree for Best Copy/Writing. The other honorees included NPR, BBC and Vanity Fair, and being listed was a huge thrill. Congrats and thanks to all our fine writers!

And speaking of fine writers, here are some highlights from the last month in World Hum features:

  • We published a couple of really powerful personal narratives in mid-April: In The Leap at Crater Lake, Amy Eward confronts her infertility and the strain it’s placing on her marriage, while in An Unexpected Trip, Katherine Lonsdorf shares the lessons she learned after an assault by a cab driver in Jordan.
  • We also ran a five-part series from Frank Bures, The Roads Between Us: A Journey Across Africa, along with a very cool Google map that includes some additional notes from Frank’s West African road trip.
  • It’s always a pleasure to have Pico Iyer’s byline on the site. His latest for us is an exploration of the lives and works of Jan Morris and V.S. Naipaul, two “master portraitists” of travel writing.
  • And finally, today we published a fine humor piece from columnist Tom Swick, imagining what might happen when a travel writer takes the podium.

I’ve got a few stories in the works, but nothing up on the site just yet. Stay tuned.

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Greetings from Barbados!

I landed on Sunday and will be kicking around the Eastern Caribbean (Barbados, Saint Lucia, and the Grenadines, specifically) for three weeks.

I’ve also had a handful of stories published recently:

Over at Matador, Choose Your Own Blues Adventure and the companion piece, Highway Blues: Essential Tunes for a Delta Roadtrip, both went live this morning.

Meanwhile, my interview with Kelly Westhoff and Jen Paulus, the co-founders of CheSpotting.com, was published at World Hum on Friday.

I’ll be updating my Stories page shortly.

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It’s Official!

I got started with my new World Hum duties on Friday — here’s the official word from editors Mike and Jim.

My summer travel plans are also starting to come together. I’m headed to Barbados this weekend and will spend the rest of May there, with side trips to Saint Lucia and (hopefully!) Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in the works, too. In mid-June I’m off to the Yukon — I haven’t got a return ticket booked yet but plan on returning in mid-July. Beyond that, I think that wedding season will dictate my movements in August, though I’m still finalizing details.

Oh, and my links list / blogroll is a definite work in progress. If I’ve missed you so far, let me know!

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A couple of pretty important life/work changes to note:

First, after three blissful months of pricey pints, long walks and embarrassingly frequent take-out dinners (hey, in my defense: I was there in part to experience the food) my time in NYC has come to an end. I packed up my room last weekend, and arrived back in happenin’ Verona, Ontario early this week — I’ll stay here long enough to prep for some serious summer travel before taking off again in early May. I was very sad to leave, and I definitely plan on getting back to the city for another extended stay when I can.

Second, I have some exciting work news! I’ve been writing for World Hum for about a year and a half, and starting in May I’ll also be taking on some editorial responsibilities. It’s a temporary set-up — I’m helping to fill in for senior editor Valerie Conners for a few months while she works her magic at the Travel Channel — but I’m thrilled to be increasing my involvement with the site (my World Hum fangirldom goes back to my grad school days) and I think I’ll learn a lot, too.

More news coming soon on my travel plans for the next few months — so far, all I know for sure is that I have a plane ticket to Barbados with my name on it. Beyond that trip, I’m hoping to finally make it up north, to the Yukon!

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