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It’s been a busy seven weeks or so since my last update. I’m in New York this week and am, as always, thrilled to be here. There are a couple of travel-themed readings on the go in the next couple of days – I’ll post more about those soon.

What else? I attended a major Alaskan tourism event last month and came home full of trip/story ideas, so I’ll hope to pull some of those together in the coming months.

A few more of the stories I’ve worked on have been appearing on World Hum. Check ’em out:

    • A Cup of Coffee and a Soft Chair: After 14 months traveling overland from Beijing to Istanbul, Joel Carillet faced a gingerbread latte — and a series of unexpected fears
      Sea Change: With her marriage on the rocks, Catha Larkin headed to Baja’s Sea of Cortez seeking “a bit of the blue”
  • We also had some fun getting a Twitter game off the ground a few weeks back – here are the best of the results: 23 Great Fake Travel Quotes

    Lastly, the new edition of The Best American Travel Writing hit bookstores at the end of September. Four World Hum stories were included in the notable selections, and several World Hum writers were honored for work that appeared elsewhere, too. Always nice to see.

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    I attended the launch party for this year’s anthology at Idlewild Books this week in New York, and – as I noted in this brief recap of the night – the packed event was tangible proof that there’s still an audience out there for literary travel essays. Considering this week’s news about Gourmet getting the axe, it was a much-needed reminder.

    I’ve been focused on the World Hum blog lately, so nothing new in the full-length story department – but if you’re interested, here are some of the short items that have been keeping me busy and entertained:

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