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I’m nearly two weeks into my Yukon visit, and so far I am loving it. (“Come back in winter,” people keep telling me when I say that. Maybe I just will.) I’ve already spent weekends in both Haines and Skagway, Alaska, and this weekend I’ll be headed into Kluane National Park for some serious hiking. Here’s a picture I took (with the auto timer – a major tech victory!) on the road from Haines Junction, Yukon, to Haines, Alaska:

On the road to Haines

On the road to Haines

On the work front, there’s been a shake-up at World Hum and the end result, for me, is a lot more writing on the blog. Here are a few of my more notable posts from the last while:

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Over at Brave New Traveler, a photo essay I put together showcasing some of the world’s most spectacular houses of worship has also just been published.

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