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I had a hell of a time writing my Outside Online story, Before Cheryl Met Oprah: 5 Other Outdoor Adventure Memoirs by Women. When I pitched it, I’d had an idea of the books I wanted to include in the list, but I wanted to be sure I wasn’t overlooking anything crucial — and as I googled and cruised the library stacks and asked friends and colleagues for recommendations, the job got harder and harder. Turns out I was tapping into a seriously rich vein.

Here are some of the female-authored outdoor adventure books that didn’t wind up on the final Outside list, but which have definitely landed on my personal To-Read list:


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After what seems like a long silence on the story front, I have a few recently published items to share:

First up, I’ve got a pair of Top 10 lists on NationalGeographic.com — Top 10 Foods to Eat in Ontario and Top 10 Family Activities in Ontario.

Next, now that World Hum is back in action I’ve been busy again over there. An interview I did with author Rachel Friedman was posted today: Interview with Rachel Friedman: ‘The Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost’.

A few weeks back Matador published this story: Profiling five national parks in Alaska.

And lastly, it’s not online but if you get a chance to check out the July 2011 issue of Reader’s Digest Canada, I have a short piece in there about The Boreal Gourmet, a locavore cookbook by Whitehorse author Michele Genest.

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Here it is, the monster World Hum project I’ve been working on in fits and starts for several months now: The 100 Most Celebrated Travel Books of All Time.

It’s a semi-scientific compilation of the most lauded, most popular, most read, most what-have-you travel books out there. We put it together by drawing on “best travel books” lists from around the web and traditional print media – our full methodology is outlined here, in The Fine Print.

Also included with the list? A Google map mash-up of the books by location (complete with a quotation for each entry) and this fun graphic breakdown, By the Numbers. We also put together a slideshow of a few favorite book covers.

Give the whole thing a browse if you can. And then hit the library!

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