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Into the Bush

Just a short note to say I’m disappearing for the next three-plus weeks – I’ll be flying into a remote bush camp to work as a laborer, and will be incommunicado until mid-September. When I get back, I’ll catch up on the last days of my big road trip, my latest writing news, and of course my experience in the bush.

Enjoy the last of the summer!

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After what seems like a long silence on the story front, I have a few recently published items to share:

First up, I’ve got a pair of Top 10 lists on NationalGeographic.com — Top 10 Foods to Eat in Ontario and Top 10 Family Activities in Ontario.

Next, now that World Hum is back in action I’ve been busy again over there. An interview I did with author Rachel Friedman was posted today: Interview with Rachel Friedman: ‘The Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost’.

A few weeks back Matador published this story: Profiling five national parks in Alaska.

And lastly, it’s not online but if you get a chance to check out the July 2011 issue of Reader’s Digest Canada, I have a short piece in there about The Boreal Gourmet, a locavore cookbook by Whitehorse author Michele Genest.

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Last week I spent four days hiking the Chilkoot Trail, the old Gold Rush route that runs from Dyea, outside Skagway, AK, over the mountains and across the Canada-U.S. border to Bennett Lake, where the stampeders boarded boats to the Klondike.

I’m hoping to write more about the trip at some point, but in the meantime here’s a shot from Day 2, just past the summit on the Canadian side of the border.

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And out like a dine-and-dasher; I have no idea where this past month went. I’ve been keeping busy — I spent the first week of March in the Pacific Northwest, five days mid-month road-tripping the Dempster Highway, and am just back from a weekend in Skagway, AK for a cross-country ski race. And of course I’ve been hard at work, too. Way back at the start of the month we published my annual Travel Movie Awards — the Oscars are long over, but if you haven’t yet checked this one out please do.

I also did an interview with the crew over at SoSauce earlier this month, and realized that, having done a handful of these things now, I should probably collect them in one place. So here goes: In addition to the SoSauce item, I’ve got an interview at Nileguide, and a video chat with Go Galavanting.

Some highlights from the month in World Hum features: We published Lover’s Moon, a Pico Iyer original that sheds some light on his inner soundtrack as he prepared to write “Video Night in Kathmandu” — that was a thrill. I also loved this excerpt we ran from Carl Hoffman’s new book, “The Lunatic Express” — The Mad Matatus of Kenya — and thoroughly enjoyed Tom Swick’s latest musings on the state of modern travel writing.

Up next? An Easter weekend cross-country ski trip, a flying weekend visit to Vegas, and a trip home to Ottawa before I head down to Barbados for some much-needed warmth and sun.

My first winter north of 60 is very nearly over. Maybe a commemorative plaque is in order?

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Settling into Whitehorse

I arrived here in Whitehorse Saturday night, and am slowly getting set up in my new home. I’m still recovering from the drive – it was a more thoroughly exhausting trip than I really expected – and processing the experience, but in the meantime here are a couple of blog posts I wrote from the road:

The Coldest Morning

Canadian Beauty

I’ve also updated my Blogging page for the first time in ages, to include a couple of personal posts I wrote during my Caribbean and Yukon/Alaska travels last summer.

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Just a quick location update: I arrived yesterday in NYC, and will be here, house-sitting and posing as a West Village resident (I wish!), for three weeks. Then it’s back to Eastern Ontario for three weeks of packing and preparation before I finally make the trans-Canada road trip to Whitehorse. I plan on putting down a few roots in the Yukon and hopefully staying for a full year. I’m really looking forward to exploring the north, and to having a home base again for awhile. Stay tuned!

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I’m nearly two weeks into my Yukon visit, and so far I am loving it. (“Come back in winter,” people keep telling me when I say that. Maybe I just will.) I’ve already spent weekends in both Haines and Skagway, Alaska, and this weekend I’ll be headed into Kluane National Park for some serious hiking. Here’s a picture I took (with the auto timer – a major tech victory!) on the road from Haines Junction, Yukon, to Haines, Alaska:

On the road to Haines

On the road to Haines

On the work front, there’s been a shake-up at World Hum and the end result, for me, is a lot more writing on the blog. Here are a few of my more notable posts from the last while:

Quesadillas in the Sub-Arctic
In Defense of British Food
See This Now: ‘Give Peace a Chance’ (The first post from my Woodstock visit)
Travel Movie Endings, Good and Bad
Canadian Road Trip Candy: ‘One Week’ on DVD

Over at Brave New Traveler, a photo essay I put together showcasing some of the world’s most spectacular houses of worship has also just been published.

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I’m in New York on a flying visit this weekend, and yesterday I made it up to Bethel Woods, the town where the first Woodstock festival was held, for some research. It was a pretty powerful spot, somewhat to my surprise – more on that soon.

In the meantime, here I am with museum interpreter Duke Devlin:

Me and Duke Devlin at the monument

Me and Duke Devlin at the monument

This week I’ll be making my way to Whitehorse, the capital of the Yukon, where I’ll stay for about a month. Not counting a trip to Yellowknife as a toddler, it’s my first time “north of 60” – I can’t wait.

One other quick note: the latest World Hum Travel Movie Club is up. This time around, Eli and I debate the merits of the Dave Eggers-penned Away We Go.

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It’s Official!

I got started with my new World Hum duties on Friday — here’s the official word from editors Mike and Jim.

My summer travel plans are also starting to come together. I’m headed to Barbados this weekend and will spend the rest of May there, with side trips to Saint Lucia and (hopefully!) Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in the works, too. In mid-June I’m off to the Yukon — I haven’t got a return ticket booked yet but plan on returning in mid-July. Beyond that, I think that wedding season will dictate my movements in August, though I’m still finalizing details.

Oh, and my links list / blogroll is a definite work in progress. If I’ve missed you so far, let me know!

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